The MCT Brattberg range of transit frames, for both welding and bolting, meet the stringent demands of offshore and maritime applications.
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Insert blocks

MCT Brattberg’s insert blocks are manufactured from Lycron, a synthetic halogen-free polymer containing a lubricant that was specially developed according to our specifications.
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SR cable and pipe seals

The SR Gland is designed to seal cables and pipes between 4 and 100 mm diameter. It can be supplied cut to allow preterminated cable/pipe to be installed.
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EMC Protection

On certain ships, offshore installations and land-based buildings, protection is required against electronic interference.
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High-pressure sealing

Vessels and installations subject to high external pressure, like submarines and oil platform legs, are often equipped with specially designed transits.
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Components and accessories

Additional products required to assemble transits, and useful for their re-entry and disassembly.
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Deck and bulkhead glands

Glands that seal cables and pipes which pass through decks and bulkheads.
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MSR cable glands

Glands for sealing MSR cables at sea or on land
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X-Series cable transit

For sealing cables that pass though a cabinet, such as an electrical cabinet.
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