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This page will keep you updated of any upcoming news with events relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and MCT Brattberg.

Update: 2020-11-13

  • Right now MCT brattberg AB is fully operational
  • The delivery times are normal
  • The lead-times are unaffected
  • Overall the supply chain is not affected

You are welcome to contact your local MCT Brattberg office for further information or questions. Contact

Business Continuity Plan

MCT Brattberg
are focused on:

  • Protecting the health safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities.
  • Maintaining as far as possible the supply and delivery of products to our customers.
  • Providing technical support our customers.
  • We are continually reviewing our existing Business Continuity Plans to ensure we adapt to changes as they are announced.

Protection of our premises and staff:

  • We have reduced all external visitors to our sites to the minimum level required whilst maintaining our ability to operate.
  • We have adapted our IT capability allowing where possible colleagues to work from home.
  • To ensure distribution we are taking all practical steps to maintain normal operations. Maintaining our service
  • We have a significant amount of stock within our warehouse and supply and delivery is currently unaffected.
  • As a long-established business, we are confident that even where our people are working remotely, we can continue to provide technical support.

Preventing the spread of infection:

  • We have shared information with our employees on frequent hand hygiene and distancing themselves from other colleagues.
  • The environment for our employees is maintained and regularly cleaned and have provided additional hand gels and PPE equipment within the offices and warehouse.
  • We are investigating the possibility of staff rotating on a daily or ½ daily basis to create distance and the ability to continue to operate.
  • We have stopped all commercial international and domestic business travel unless absolutely critical.

Installation Safety Advice

Pandemics are rapidly changing situations, the points below are the best of our knowledge at the present time, however, we strongly advise that all of the work undertaken complies with most recent local, regional and national regulations as well as client, construction site, company procedures and practices. Always follow best practice.

Some additional safety measures which should be considered during work package planning, tool box talks and job safety assessments are listed below. Although comprehensive, this list should not be regarded as complete or used as an alternative to already mandated procedures.

  • Consider the proximity of two workers being very close to each other when working on a transit.  Can the installation be carried out by one installer, with no further compromise of safety? Regardless installers must obey all stakeholder policies on social distancing.
  • MCT Brattberg insist installation teams wear their company mandated PPE especially , gloves, glasses and masks.
  • Do not share tools, use lanyards or other drop prevention devices on tools.
  • Clean and disinfect tools thoroughly after use.
  • Only one person should touch the blocks. (not one lubricating and one installing)
  • Blocks returned to the warehouse should be wiped/sprayed  down with sanitizer.
  • We do not yet have specific information on the life of the COVID 19 Virus on EPDM Rubber, however, in general terms a virus may live for approximately 4 days on this type of material.
  • Particular attention must be placed on the use of lubricant. Only one person shall use one lubricant tube. Dispose of each tube properly immediately after one person has used, even if the tube is not finished. Consider the frequency of glove changing after use of lubricant.

Contact Details for UK Office whilst operating under Covid-19 Lockdown:


Sales Enquiries





Sales - Scotland & Ireland

Sales – Northern England

Sales – Southern England

Our UK Sales office is currently operating via email whilst we allow our staff to work from home wherever possible and stay protected.

During this time we are following the guidance issued by UK Government and NHS to ensure we follow the necessary procedures to protect our employees.

Update: 7th April 2020

  • Right now MCT brattberg AB is fully operational
  • The delivery times are normal
  • The lead-times are unaffected
  • Overall the supply chain is not affected

You are welcome to contact your local MCT Brattberg office for further information or questions.



Update: 23rd March 2020

With events relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) changing daily, we are continuing to monitor the global developments regarding the outbreak and taking necessary steps in line with the World Health Organisation and government guidance.

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