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High Pressure Seals At Sea

Special products for special uses

MCT Brattberg manufactures a number of special products. High pressure secure cable and pipe penetrations, penetrations for wave guides and blocks with built-in protection against electromagnetic pulse due to lightning or nuclear blast.

High pressure seals

are an example of our special products. Several types of high pressure seals are available. Often these have been designed in collaboration with a customer. They are used, for example, in the supporting legs of oil rigs or in submarines.
An example is the RGPH seal, which is type approved to 66.7 bar water pressure

Under Pressure

Custom designed pressure sealings up to 100 bar water pressure.


High pressure sealing for cables and pipes

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Pressure Hull Penetration

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Longitudinal sealing joint

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Encapsulation of sensor and connectors

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Pressure sealing for cables and pipes

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