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MCT system description

The industry standard

Our own experience has shown that for a standard frame used for maritime applications, an internal width of 120 mm, a depth of 60 mm and wall thickness of 10 mm are optimal window sizes for maintaining structural strength and for fitting insert blocks. Both single and multiple transits frames are available.

The dimensions of the various frames have become the industry standard simply because these types of frame were first to be introduced and have proved successful over time.

Built-in flexibility

The comprehensive range of frames, insert blocks and other components of our transits provides remarkable application flexibility.

We can seal cable and pipe diameters from 4 – 110 mm. Other dimensions can be supplied to order.

In addition, our product range covers insulation collars and special solutions for EMC transits, SR cable and pipe seals, deck and bulkhead glands.

No matter whether it involves maritime, offshore or land-based applications, MCT Brattberg has the right solutions for your particular needs.

Testing and certification

Testing and certification are carried out on all products for safety and functionality according to the standards of the major authorities.

Independent witnesses are allowed to visit factory, processing and testing facilities

Customer support

  • Good product literature is supplied by the manufacturer.
  • The manufacturer/supplier has a good customer support program.
  • The manufacturer/supplier responds quickly to customer enquiries.
  • Global support is available.
  • Product/application training and seminars are provided.