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E-Standard Block

Standard range of E-Blocks accommodates cables between 4 and 70 mm in diameter.


Technical specifications

E-Standard Block

Our standard range of E-Blocks accommodates cables between 4 and 70 mm in diameter. It is important that the E-Block is the right size, with respect to the cable, to ensure a proper seal.
Measure the cable diameters carefully and choose E-Blocks accordingly. With the sizing chart on next page you can choose the correct size of E-Blocks. E-Blocks are referred to by their width and hole diameter.
Thus a E-Block with a width of 15 mm and a hole diameter of 4 mm is referred to as 15/4. This designation is molded into the E-Block.
The E-Block has an integral copper sheet as discharging and shielding protection between the cable and the system. There are 2 different designs of copper sheets, one for outer cable diameters up to 10 mm and one for outer cable diameters over 10 mm.
The design guarantees good contact without damaging the cable braid. In order to correctly install the E-Blocks modules they are marked with a yellow E on one of the short ends. The marking also indicates that it is an E-MCT Brattberg System.

Special and larger modules can be made to order.

E-Block Table

Grounding and Bonding

E-blocks comply to grounding and bonding standards.

-CSA Std. C22.2 No. 4.1 - Grounding and Bonding Equipment
-CSA Std. C22.2 No. 18.3 - Conduit, Tubing and Cable Fittings
-CSA Std. C22.2 No. 182.3 - Special use attachment plugs, receptacles and connectors (as a guide)
-UL Std. 467 - Grounding and Bonding Equipment
-UL Std. 514B - Conduit, Tubing and Cable Fittings
-UL Std. 1977 - Component Connectors for use i Data, Signal, Control and Power applications


GR/DWC-34/01/SEP 2007 & RDSO/SPN/204/2011

Train EN-45545
HL 1, HL 2, HL 3


Trade name: 
MCT Brattberg E-Standard Block


Lycron data

Read Lycron data sheet:
Data sheet Lycron

Lycron is halogen free and flame retardant.


For all approvals, please also see Certificates 



  • All dimensions are exactly the same for the standard MCT Brattberg components.
  • All Insert Blocks are marked with yellow marking (see instructions).

Grounding and Bonding

  • For grounding & bonding applications standard presswedge or endpacking is sufficient. 
  • Series RGS, RGB, RGG, and E-RGP These products are primarily intended for grounding and bonding of communication, instrument, power, braid or wire armored cables and copper pipes, up to max. 1 AWG.
  • Plugs and Wraps are only for use in Grounding and Bonding applications, not EMC

Correct and safe installations

To achieve the highest standard of safety, a cable or pipe transit must be installed correctly. As there are many different types of frame – which may be either welded, bolted or glued into position – and insert block, it is essential that installers known when to use the most appropriate installation method.

For more information, please view following instructions, videos or download manuals as PDFs.

RGS EMC Installation

Download pdf instructions 

For more information visit Documents & instructions