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Insert Blocks

MCT Brattberg’s insert blocks are manufactured from Lycron, a synthetic polymer that was developed to withstand fire, explosions, temperature variation, ageing, radiation and rodents.
The blocks are injection moulded giving precision components to a high degree of accuracy.

Safety and flexibility

The original cable and pipe transit comes with a wide variety of blocks together making the optimal mix, for both safety and flexibility.

Insert Blocks


Standard Block

Standard Block for a fast and safe installation.

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Newly developed Insert Block that provides greater flexibility, simple and safe installation.

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Eleven blocks and 66 dimensions.

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The U-Block is used to convert the external dimensions of Insert Blocks, AddBlocks and Spare Blocks to the next modular size.

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Spare Block


The unused space in the frame is filled with solid spare blocks. Using the spare blocks allows the option of fitting new cable in the future.

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Insert blocks for Waveguides

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E-Insert Blocks (EMC and G&B)

E-Standard Block

E-Standard Block with EMC and G&B capabilities

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E-Addblock with EMC and G&B capabilities

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E-Spareblock with EMC and G&B capabilities

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