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There are eleven different sizes of AddBlock. By tearing off the wing-like inserts, which are of varying thickness, and inserting them in the main block it is possible to accommodate 66 different cable and pipe dimensions, from 3.5 mm (00.14”) to 69.5 mm (2.74”). The inserts are fitted with a locating ridge that fits exactly into furrows in the main block.
These stop the block from ”telescoping".

  • AddBlock is available as both Ex and EMC.

Technical Specifications

AddBlocks are all the same length as standard blocks, 60 mm (2.36”).
The width of standard blocks (A measurement, see below) are 20, 30, 40, 60 or 90 mm, (00.79”), (1.18”), (1.57”), (2.36”), or (3.54”)

The AddBlock comes complete with inserts

to give different block sizes.





Plugs and wraps
The plug’s main purpose is to prepare coming installations by creating a spare block together with an AddBlock. Once the cable penetration is to be done, the plug is removed and the AddBlock is reused. 


In the table you see which plug, or combination of plug and wrap-around casing, to use when turning an AddBlock into a spare block.

Addblock Tables

Addblock Dimensions
Plugs And Wraps Table


GR/DWC-34/01/SEP 2007 & RDSO/SPN/204/2011

Train EN-45545
HL 1, HL 2, HL 3


Trade name: 
MCT Brattberg Addblock


Lycron data

Read Lycron data sheet:
Data sheet Lycron

Lycron is halogen free and flame retardant.


For all approvals, please also see Certificates 

Correct and safe installations

To achieve the highest standard of safety, a cable or pipe transit must be installed correctly. As there are many different types of frame – which may be either welded, bolted or glued into position – and insert block, it is essential that installers known when to use the most appropriate installation method.

For more information, please view following instructions, videos or download manuals as PDFs.

RGS frame, horizontal installation
RGS frame, vertical installation

Download pdf instructions 

Other insert blocks

Standard Block

Standard Block for a fast and safe installation.

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Newly developed Insert Block that provides greater flexibility, simple and safe installation.

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The U-Block is used to convert the external dimensions of Insert Blocks, AddBlocks and Spare Blocks to the next modular size.

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The unused space in the frame is filled with solid spare blocks. Using the spare blocks allows the option of fitting new cable in the future.

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Insert blocks for Waveguides

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