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The HandiBlock is a new safe, flexible and easy-to install insert block.
HandiBlock is available in four sizes to fit cables/pipes or tubing from 4 to 54 mm. A Handiblock consist of two half MainBlocks and two Insertstrips. Every compression ring in the insertStrip has a clear marking to indicate different cable/pipe diameters for a safe and quick installation. 

  • By installing a Handiplug in the HandiBlock, you can quickly and easily create a spareblock. This spare can later be opened and easily adjusted for new cable/pipes.
  • Fully certified way to prepare for future cabling/piping.

Reality does
not always follow design

MCT Brattberg always puts safety first when developing new products. The HandiBlock is in line with this mission, but now provides the opportunity not only to put safety first, but also to keep safety first in the future.
This innovation offers a new safe, flexible and certified method for installing cables and pipes in the future.

Technical specifications

The HandiBlock is available in four sizes to fit cables and pipes or tubing from 4 to 54 mm. A HandiBlock consists of two compact half MainBlocks and two InsertStrips. Every compression ring on the InsertStrip has clear markings to indicate different cable/pipe diameters. This helps the installation technician to quickly and safely identify the correct size of the MainBlock, InsertStrip and compression ring.








Compression and cable/pipe sealing is not achieved by deforming the HandiBlock parts. This means that all parts of the HandiBlock can be reused for repacking. Those parts of the InsertStrips, not used for the current block, can be retained and used for the cables/pipes where the insert dimensions correspond. This feature provides a cleaner and more efficient workplace, less wastage and assists in the clients’ efforts on environmental responsibility.

The four block sizes can be converted into spare blocks when a plug is firmly anchored in the block. This spare module can later be opened and easily converted into a cable/pipe holding block.

The MainBlock, InsertStrip and HandiPlug can also be purchased separately. This allows for cost savings and reduces wastage.HandiBlock can be combined with MCT Standard Insert Block, AddBlock and U-Block. Compression can be made by STG Packaging, PTG-Presswedges or RGP.


Module Size mm
with Plug 
Plug  Mainblock Insert strip
20 mm
37 gram
32 gram
5 gram 22 gram 10 gram 
30 mm
90 gram
73 gram
17 gram 46 gram 27 gram
40 mm
150 gram
117 gram
33 gram 72 gram 44 gram
60 mm
382 gram
300 gram
85 gram 155 gram 144 gram



Module Size Inches

with Plug 



Mainblock Insert strip
0.79 Oz
1.31 Oz 1.13 Oz 0.18 Oz 0.78 Oz 0.35 Oz
HB30 1.18 Oz 3.17 Oz 2.57 Oz 0.60 Oz 1.62 Oz 0.95 Oz
HB40 1.57 Oz 5.29 Oz 4.13 Oz 1.16 Oz 2.54 Oz 1.55 Oz
HB60 2.36 Oz 13.58 Oz 10.58 Oz 3.00 Oz 5.47 Oz 5.08 Oz


  • By installing a HandiPlug in the HandiBlock, you can quickly and easily create a spare block. This is a fully certified way to prepare for future cabling/piping.
  • HandiPlugs low weight and smart design, together with HandiBlock, create a secure pressure-tight unit.
  • The plug’s unique design also acts as a circular former for the sealing insert. Rather than being compressed and deformed into an oval shape, the plug enables the InsertStrip to retain its roundness even after an extended period of compression.
  • The extensive testing carried out on the HandiPlug indicates that it can withstand harsh environmental conditions for over a century and can be reused over and over again.
  • Each HandiBlock with a plug that is mounted into transit frames also provides extra fire protection. The part of the InsertStrip that protrudes from the MainBlock, acts as a small but effective heat shield.



GR/DWC-34/01/SEP 2007 & RDSO/SPN/204/2011

Train EN-45545
HL 1, HL 2, HL 3


Trade name: 
MCT Brattberg Insert Block





HandiPlug Data Sheet


Lycron data

Read Lycron data sheet:
Data sheet Lycron

Lycron is halogen free and flame retardant.


For all approvals, please also see Certificates 

Correct and safe installation

To achieve the highest standard of safety, a cable or pipe transit must be installed correctly. As there are many different types of frame – which may be either welded, bolted or glued into position – and insert block, it is essential that installers known when to use the most appropriate installation method.

For more information, please view following instructions, videos or download manuals as PDFs.


Cable/Pipe Ranges

HandiBlock 60 (HB60)
Cable/pipe Ø32-54 
InsertStrip Ø32-50    
MainBlock Ø50-54 

HandiBlock 40 (HB40)
Cable/pipe Ø21-35
InsertStrip Ø21-32
MainBlock Ø32-35

HandiBlock 30 (HB30)
Cable/pipe Ø11-24
InsertStrip Ø11-22
MainBlock Ø22-24

HandiBlock 20 (HB20)
Cable/pipe Ø4-15
InsertStrip Ø4-13
MainBlock Ø13-15


HandiBlock Installation

Download pdf instructions 

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