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RGS EMC System At Sea EMC G&B

The EMC transits & components provide the same sealing as the standard MCT Brattberg system but with added, built-in protection against electromagnetic pulse (due to lightning or nuclear blast) and interference (EMI), electronic sabotage (synthetic EMP) and static electricity.

The system consists of a frame, rubber blocks and a compression unit. The frame is casted or bolted to a structure and packed with rubber blocks suited for each cable and pipe dimension. The compression unit is inserted to compress the rubber blocks against cables and pipes to establish a tight seal.

Choose your transit


E-RGS is the standard EMC transit for welding.

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E-RGSF is welded into a hole which is slightly larger than the frame.

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E-RGSFB is for bolting and can be used in areas where welding is prohibited.

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E-RGSC is welded into decks and bulkheads that are subjected to heavy loading.

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E-RGSK is is an extended transit were pooling of water can take place.

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RGSbtb is a double transit which is packed from both sides, enabling a test pressure seal of up to 5 bar on either side of the penetration.

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E-RGSR is used in decks and bulkheads which are subjected to high degrees of stress.

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E-RGSFBO is for bolting and for installations where cables are already in place.

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