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X-series cable transit At Sea On land

The MCT Brattberg X-series is a truly unique cable transit system which features an instant SNAP-FIT cable seal designed to accommodate any cable diameter from 2.5mm right up to 34.5mm, with the flexibility for future expansion of systems within existing frames.

Incorporating a simple staybar securing mechanism, no special tools are required to assemble this ultra-lightweight unit. Because until installation, selas are not subject to any compression, they are sure to stay perfectly shaped and will not suffer from deformation. The unit is sealed prior to cabling, requires no painting and maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.



  • Polyester glass filled compression moulding
  • UV stabilised material with low smoke
  • Ultra low weight
  • High strength 

Frames supplied with:

  • Compression screws (M6 countersunk head)
  • Compression system
  • Gasket
  • Optional extras include adaptor flange, Blanking plate, Allen key.
    Details on request


Type A B C D
X1 178 120 260 200
X2 118 60 210 150

Fixing Hole Dimensions

Type E F G
X1 215 160 107.5
X2 130 88 210

Measurements in millimeters.
N.B multiple frames are available.
Details on request.


Block Sizes A B C
X20/3-13 20 10 2.5-13.5
X30/14-24 30 15 13.5-24.5
X40/24-34 40 20 23.5-34.5

Measurements in millimeter
N.B sold as complete modules (2 halfs & Plug)



Stainless steel 3 mm diameter available in 2 sizes:

Type 1 120 mm long ref SB 120
Type 2 60 mm long ref SB 60


Fire: BS 476 Pt 20 1 hr integrity
Pressure: IP 67
Vibration: Available on request
UV: Available on request
Temperature Range: Available on request
Chemical Resistance: Available on request

N.B For pressure installation lubricate all components liberally.