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On Train

MCT Brattberg transits for putting safety first on board protecting passengers and keeping equipment safe from harm in the railway infrastructure.

Tailor made transits for the rolling stock.

MCT Brattberg transits features


  • IP 65, 66, 67, 68 acc. to IEC 60529
  • Type 3R, 4X, 12 acc. to NEMA 250
  • EN 60068-2-5 Solar Radiation
  • EN 61373 Vibrations & shocks - Categories 2 & 3
  • HL3,2,1 for R22 & R23 acc. to EN-45545-2
  • EI30 & E60 acc. EN-45545-3
  • EN 15085-2
  • ISO 3834-2



- Always marked cable dimensions on the modules.

- Fast assembly

- Lightweight and low-profile

- No decision-making by installer.

- Approved for all the parts of the train.

- Can be dismantled and re-used.

- Flexible modules available.

- Fixed modules available for fast production assembly.

- Welding and bolting.

- Steel, Stainless steel or aluminum.

We help you adapt our transits with the technical demands and designs you require.

Contact us to book a personal meeting or ask us a question about transits in the rolling stock:

Example of solutions

CFL ALF & Cable Clamp
CFL MCT Transits
CFL MCT Transits and Clamps
Transit Roof
Transit Chassis
Transit Under Train

Other Areas

At Sea

Cable and pipe transits are primarily used for applications in hazardous maritime and offshore environments.

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On land

Transits for high risk land-based applications and vital industries.

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High Pressure Seals

Tailor made high pressure cable and pipe penetrations frequently used on Submarines and oil rigs.

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Multi cable transits for Ex Cabinets, Servers, Data Centers.

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The E-series EMC frames & components provide the same sealing as the standard MCT Brattberg system but with added, built in protection against EMI, EMP and ESD.

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In high-risk environments, such as explosive hazardous areas, “Putting Safety First” is our number one priority.

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Grounding & Bonding

E-series for grounding and bonding of communication, instrument, power, braid or wire armored (AC and TECK 90) cables and copper pipes.

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