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The original multi cable and pipe transit

MCT Brattberg sealings for cables and pipes has become the industry standard because of its high performance and safety features. Our passive safety products has been protecting people, property and the environment since 1954.

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Our products are highly qualified

Safety is the core of our business concept. Our transits protects people from harm of fire, pressure, gas and keeping the environment safe from dangerous chemicals.

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Product Areas

At Sea

Cable and pipe transits are primarily used for applications in hazardous maritime and offshore environments.

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On land

Transits for high risk land-based applications and vital industries.

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On Train

Tailor made transits for the rolling stock and railway infrastructure.

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RGPlan – A web based
manager service

Configure cable/pipe penetrations quick and easy with our web based manager service. Input your transit requirements and RGPlan automatically configures the seal, along with all necessary components, blank blocks, stayplates and compression systems.


News and events


Silver medal for our EcoVadis evaluation


Our ongoing commitment to sustainable development is progressing positively, as affirmed by our latest EcoVadis evaluation.

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National grid gas projects


MCT Brattberg worked alongside Technica Services from Grimsby on two major gas network projects, one in Peterborough and one Huntingdon.

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International WorkBoat Show 29 Nov -1 December 2023


Come see our new products and discuss safety with us!

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MARINTEC CHINA 5-8 December 2023


Come see our new products and discuss safety with us!

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