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Multi cable transits for Cabinets, Servers, Data Centers.

ALF Cabinet Seal

Easy to install - no special tools needed

ALF comes as 2 types and be supplied in multiple variations to suit customer requirements.

See specs and variations  for ALF Cabinet Seal
RFCS cabinet seal

RFCS Cabinet Seal

Retrofit cabinet seal

Cabinet Seal is an openable/retrofit or closed cabinet seal alternative to heavy duty plug in connectors and cable glands plates in the cabinets.

See specs and variations  for RFCS Cabinet Seal

Custom Cabinet Seals

For cabinets, trains, servers and data centers

Custom multi cable transit seals for Ex Cabinets, EMC protection, servers, data centers and others.

See specs and variations  for Custom Cabinet Seals


MCT Brattberg Lubricant for easier and safer installation.

Shall be applied on all Lycron parts sealing surfaces when such demands exist

See specs and variations  for Lubricant