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Pressure sealing designed specially to customer need
High Pressure Seals Oil rigs Ships and vessels At sea

RGPM pressure seal approved for a continuous pressure up to 15 bar with almost unlimited designations of numbers and dimensions of cables and pipes.

Dimensional and visual inspected before delivery. Additional tests can be performed to clients specification.

  • Tailor made.
  • DNV-GL and ABS type approved for pressure up to 15 bar.
  • Factory Inspection and Test Report Certificate (optional).
  • Material Test Certificate.
  • A detailed instruction manual is supplied with the RGPM.



  • Available in diameters 50 to 200mm for 15 bar water working pressure.
  • 25 to 675mm for 3.3 bar water working pressure.

The design of a RGPM is made according to customer specification

The outer diameter of the RGPM pressure seal is designed to match the inner diameter of the pipe or hole into which the unit is to be fitted.

The seals are normally made from Nitrile rubber but other material can be used. Fittings are either stainless steel, hot galvanized or in other materials according to customers requirements.

The RGPM can also be installed and blind packed for installation of cables or pipes at a later stage.

In installation where the pressure could vary, a self-sealing version of RGPM can be used. The seal adjust itself according to the pressure.


  • Seal cables/pipes/tubes diameter 4-400 mm.
  • Seal multiple cables/pipes through on hole.
  • Can be made with a revolving core for easier pipe sealing.

Each RGPM is designed specially to the customers need. Here you can find variations in design to fit your specific needs.


RGPM Standard

RGPM Standard

Use where pressure is coming from front, rear or both sides. Max pressure from front side is 15 bars and 5 bars from back side.

RGPM Revolving Core

Revolving core offers greater tolerance offset for the passing of constructional pipe / cable through the penetration.

RGPM Oversized flange

RGPM Oversized flange

Allows the RGPM to be bolted to existing pipe flange plate. For use where pressure is applied from inside the pipe or where mechanical fixing is required. Max pressure is 15 Bars.

RGPM Small flange

RGPM Small flange

For use when the RGPM must be installed inside the pipe/sleeve and where pressure is applied from front, rear or both sides.
Max pressure without mechanical support is 5 bars.

The RGPM is a tailored product for specific situations or solutions. Before we can give you a solutions some questions about the application is necessary. Below you can find typical solutions.

You can read more here: RGPM Check List

RGPM Large flange
RGPM Large flange
RGPM 600
RGPM 50-200 - Continuous working pressure
RGPM 50-200 - Continuous working pressure
RGPM 25-675 - Continuous working pressure

For more information visit Certificates

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