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CCM - Casting Module

For preparing and casting around our round transit
At sea On land

Concrete Casting module sleeve with knock out plate. Using the CCM makes preparing and casting around our round transit (RGP & SR) penetrations very easy.

  • Watertight.
  • Prepared with knock-out plate.
  • The modules can be interconnected (butterfly cutouts).
  • Connect through the construction with standard plastic pipes.

The CCM casting module is designed to be embedded into a concrete wall (for onshore projects). The casting module creates a round hole with an integrated plastic watertight shield, that can later be used for placing a transit seal for cables or pipes. As long as the casting module is not being used, it results in a round hole in the wall that includes a watertight shield. Depending on the thickness of the wall, the CCM can be extended with a standard PVC tube, which must be cut to size, so that an even round hole is created over the entire depth of the wall once the wall has been poured.

  • Easy mounting prior to pouring concrete wall (attach module to concrete reinforcement with e.g. tie-wraps)
CCM - Casting Module

CCM-150 for RGP-150/SR-150

CCM-200 for RGP-200/SR-200

CCM-150 Dimensions
CCM-200 Dimensions
CCM Example
CCM Example
CCM Example
CCM Example
CCM Example
CCM Example

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