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RGPlan - MCT Designer

Flexible, accessible and powerful. Our MCT designer helps you plan your transits in a few easy steps. Log in to access your projects anywhere.


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Built for a simple workflow

  • Set a transit size or have the system calculate it for you.
  • Import cables and transits from Excel.
  • Automatically place your cables with a single click, adding all the necessary components.
  • Download project reports, BOM:s and DXF-drawings at any time.
  • When your transit is complete, request a quote and we will get back to you with all the information you need.

Start creating now

It’s free and completely web based. Log in to access your projects anywhere. You can share projects with team members to allow them to edit and configure the transits.

Built with smart functions, to help reduce your transit planning time. Simply input the transit requirements and RGPlan automatically configures the seal, along with all necessary components, insert blocks, stayplates and compression units- at the touch of a button.

The program now offers many unique editing features, multiple transit calculation and a simple format to deliver well designed MCT Brattberg transits.