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Duct Seal Trefoil - DS-150 TF On land

Duct seal Trefoil DS-150 TF is intended to be used underground and in ducts to seal services between 30 - 55 mm.


  • Manufactured sustainable in Sweden.
  • Fully 100% recycable materials.
  • To seal holes with aperture dimension 150 - 153 mm.



Performance Type Standard
IP Rating: IP68 IEC 60529
In-service Constant water pressure: 0,3 Bar. IEC 60529
In-service Catastrophic water pressure: 1,5 Bar Third party witness hydrostatic type testing, CP-0165
Pressure tested: 3 Bar Indoor hydrostatic testing, CP-0165
Trade name: MCT Brattberg DS-150 TF  
Working Tempature: -40 to +70 degrees C  
Hardness: 60-80 IRHD  
Shelf life: ≥ 10 years  
Service life: ≥ 40 years  
Hardware: Stainless steel316  
Sealing material Plastic elastomer